12 Coaches Training, Why This Program Rocks!

October 1, 2012

Self Improvement

12 coaches trainingThe 12 Coaches training is a fantastic program to be a part of.  I’ve had the privilege of being a part of the beta launch and have 5 days of access to the training before the actual launch and I can tell you it is absolutely worth the monthly investment.  Twelve coaches was designed that you can get some high-caliber coaching from some of the best leaders in business, networking, & personal development in the world today.

12 Coaches training was started because the founder, Chris Widener, knows that small & medium sized businesses are the backbone to our economy and knows the challenges they go through so that they can succeed.  In fact anyone that succeeds has a mentor or coach whether it’s an athlete or even a business person.  Access to a coach can cost thousands of dollars per month to have access to them; however with twelve coaches there is a better way because for a fraction of the cost you can have access to these people and learn from them on on-going basis, right from your own computer.

Each coach will upload 5 new, short action oriented videos every single month.  And on top of that once per month there is a free conference call hosted by one of the twelve coaches – and is available for playback should you not be able to make it live.

Ready To Get Started With 12 Coaches?  Click Here.

Who Leads The 12 Coaches Training?

As a network marketer, one of the coaches that really caught my attention was Todd Falcone.  Not only have I gone through some of his training, but I’ve been able to see him speak live and learn from him one-on-one around drinks after the events I’ve attended.  Todd’s networking skills are amazing and anyone in the network marketing industry deserves to learn from Todd.

Obviously as the founder, Chris Widener is one of the coaches as well.  His personal development training is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone.  I went through some personal training with Chris for a year as part of small group of people that had direct access to him.  During this time was when Chris really helped me nail down a vision not only for my business, but for my life as well.  He helped me write that vision statement, establish some core values for my business & life, as well put it to action for real results.

I could go on about the other coaches in this training program since they are all the top leaders in their respective fields.

Other Benefits Of The 12 Coaches Training

For those that know me well, my background is in accounting & taxes and in fact I have a tax preparation firm that I’ve been wanting to expand and develop into something much bigger.  Having said that, the 12 coaches training is a perfect for a traditional business as well because there’s also training on Competitive Advantage, Innovation, Marketing, and Sales.  These are areas that I can personally learn and grow my tax firm with and anyone can use these coaches for any business, not just network marketing.

Take some time right now to look around the site.  You owe it yourself to spend six minutes watching Chris explain the program in more detail, click here to check out the site.

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