How To Overcome The Top MLM Objections

January 11, 2013

Network Marketing

mlm objectionsNo matter how hard you might try, there will be some people with MLM objections.  Let’s face it, not every person you come in contact with is going to see how awesome your opportunity is or how great your products are on their first look.  They will want to feel intelligent and possess various questions that if you’re not prepared for will rattle you, cause you to stumble and ultimately you may just quit.  Let’s not allow that to happen.

When handling these MLM objections you need to remain calm and composed.  In no should you ever become defensive or offensive in your responses to them.  Even if it’s just the slightest, they will be able to tell and that is when you’ve lost them.  There are so many responses that one could make after reviewing some information on your company that you can never be prepared for it all.  But here’s where it get easy, because really only 2 MLM objections.

The Only 2 MLM Objections

  1. The prospect has limiting belief in their abilities.
  2. The prospect has limiting belief in network marketing.

No matter what they respond with or ask, it’s that limiting belief in themselves or the profession as a whole that will cause them from joining.  Some of these common objections include:  “I don’t have the money”, “I don’t have the time”, “I’m not a sales-person”, and even “I don’t know anybody.”  Each of these goes back to their limiting belief in themselves.  Some objections which are related to the profession, “Is this a pyramid?”  “The people at the top are the ones that make all the money”, and “Those things don’t work”.

So you can see that it’s really important to understand how to overcome these MLM objections if you want to make some more sales and recruit more promoters into your business.  The #1 thing you can do is to avoid making your prospect feel stupid.  Remember, you don’t want to lose them if you berate them, they’re gone.  Rather, you’re going to want to relate to them.  You do that by telling them a story and then asking a question.  Tell stories that are similar to theirs so they can relate, this allows you to overcome their objections.

There’s a saying in network marketing, “Facts Tell, Stories Sell.”  So yes you can list a hundred facts for them, but it will rarely result in a sale or a sign-up.  You need to learn your story.  You need to learn the stories of those in your network marketing company.  Tell these stories often to anyone that it would relate to.

And the best thing to do with a prospect when they raise an objection is the power of a 3-way phone call.  Let your up-line or team member become the expert so you don’t have to.  This gives your prospect the chance to begin meeting the team, people he or she will be working with, and an opportunity for their questions to be addressed.  When you get all parties on the phone, shut-up and listen.  You can learn a lot from your up-line handling these MLM objections.  In fact, they’re probably just going to be telling a story and asking a question.

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