I Won ViSalus Project 10 And You Can Too

visalus project 10When I finally made the decision to lose weight there was no Project 10 that would give any kind of cash incentive to losing weight.  In fact, I just knew I needed to do it for the betterment of my life (and of course to look better).  At that point I decided to take the BodybyVi Challenge to help with my goals, and you know what?  I lost weight and it was a great feeling.

At the start of this year, Project 10 came along and I still had more weight to lose.  Yes, the idea of getting $1,000 for losing 10 pounds was a great idea and I was ecstatic about it!  But not for myself – more so because I’d rather help other win it.  The things is I knew that I had to first prove to everyone that I can complete my own Project 10 challenge.  When doing so, it makes it easier to show others what possible – ya gotta lead by example!

My Project 10 Results

Obviously from the picture you can tell that I am a Project 10 winner!  It’s a really awesome feeling to be able to win $1,000 for simply losing 10 pounds.  It really makes it so much more real and it’s a great motivation to keep pressing forward with your health goals.  I’m proud to represent ViSalus as a Project 10 winner.  Be sure to watch the awesome compilation video ViSalus put together for me (I’m very impressed with their quality of work & attention to detail).

One really cool thing that I hadn’t mentioned yet is Project 10 Kids. So for every 10 pounds someone loses, ViSalus will give an at-risk child 30 healthy meals! I love this, because kids are our future and teaching them the basics of nutrition and eating healthy is important to their lives.

Although the video says I’m down 21.7 pounds, I’ve already lost some more since I did a weigh-in video.  I’m currently down 28.4 pounds since the first of the year and look forward to losing even more!  What’s even better I’ve been able to help 2 at-risk kids and soon to be a 3rd!

No one can lose 10 pounds for you. It begins and ends with you and your ability to take action. (My Project 10 Tip)

I really believe anyone can lose 10 pounds and that it just starts with you and your desire to do it. My hope is that this inspires you to take action and get started on your own weight loss journey – regardless of how far you have to go.

Randy Disert

Skype: randydisert



PS: If you’re ready to lose 10+ pounds on your Challenge, Click here to get started.

I believe anyone can be a Project 10 winner – I really didn’t expect it, please comment below and let me know your health goals.

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