Javafit Review, Drinking Coffee And Making Money

February 17, 2010

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javafitThere are many MLM companies to choose from today.  One that looks like it has some potential has a unique range of coffees called JavaFit. Everybody drinks coffee, so already there is a market for the product, but what makes this product range a real winner is that each of these blends has a specific purpose. Read the rest of this JavaFit review and see what this product range is all about.

Can you think of a single company that offers a range of vitamin and mineral fortified coffees? Probably not, but now that you have, you’ve got to admit that it’s a fantastic idea. Everybody drinks coffee and they all want to take vitamins regularly, but usually don’t. If you could have your daily dose of vitamins in your morning coffee, wouldn’t you drink that brand of coffee?

This company offers two different blends of vitamin fortified coffees. Their “Brewed Focus” blend contains multi-vitamins plus the B-Complex vitamins that are so necessary for mental clarity and focus. The “Immune Plus” formulation has multi-vitamins plus special ingredients to boost the immune system. This one sounds like something you would want to drink every day during the cold and flu season.

There is also another side to this company that needs to be looked at, which is the business opportunity.  You will be taught to talk to your friends and family about this company and share the coffee with everyone you know.  One of the selling points is the fact that this is coffee so almost everyone is a potential candidate for the product or even the business opportunity.

Marketing first to your warm market is a great place to start for your Javafit business.  You will; however, eventually run out of people to talk to.  The list of people that you know is only so large and most people cannot make a large income just from their friends and family.  You will now need to learn new marketing strategies to build your business.

There are many different ways to go about expanding your business.  Some of the most common techniques include asking for referrals and applying the three foot rule in which you prospect anyone you come into contact with.  This strategy has the possibility to work, but there are many other marketing strategies in which you can be much more effective.  You must have an exact strategy and plan in place in order to succeed in JavaFit.

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  1. Camy Gaspard Says:

    Hi Randy! I received a ‘Special Announcement’ from Drink ACT corporate, a Youngevity affiliate company. I see Javalution will be merging with Youngevity. This is exciting news! Youngevity is wonderful to work with as well as Drink ACT. I’d like to keep in touch!

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