Overcoming Negative Self Talk

October 31, 2013

Mindset, Self Improvement

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Overcoming Negative Self Talk

overcoming negative self talkDo you have any idea what the power of your words have on yourself?  Most likely you’ve been taught all your life to treat others with respect and don’t talk down to them.  And while you may constantly treat others well, you show no respect at all to yourself.  This negative self talk is hurtful, tears you down, and lowers your self-confidence.  Worst of all, others can easily pick up on it and believe the same thing you’re telling yourself.

Stop Negative Self-Talk

If you want to change how things are in your life, you need to start overcoming this negative self talk.  It’s obviously easier said than done, but anything worth doing is going to take some work.  I would suggest learning from other people and beginning with reading a book.  Go pick up a copy of The Book of Afformations by Noah St. John.  What’s taught in the book is a great way to change the way you talk to yourself and allow you become a better person.

Noah teaches you a way to ask yourself questions that can help you change your life.  The way you talk, think, and reflect on yourself can have a dramatic effect on your life.  Remember the saying, “like attracts like”?  Well, that is true in every area of your life.  When you think a certain way about yourself, you’ll be more likely to attract others that have the same type of attitude.

Video: Overcoming Negative Self Talk

What have you been saying about yourself that you wish wasn’t true or you want to change?  Well, it’s going to need to be up to you in order to get over all this negative self talk.  The words you say about yourself ultimately become truth because you believe it to be true.

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