The Perfect MLM Invite Strategy For Maximum Exposure

December 28, 2012

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mlm inviteIt is crucial to get the MLM Invite perfect if you want to be able to get someone to check out your business opportunity or products.  I received this 8 step process from Eric Worre during his Go Pro event at the beginning of December.  I was able to watch this via live-stream and have no doubts that I will be making it to the live event in Vegas in 2013.  As soon as I heard this inviting formula, I immediately implementing it…and it worked!  My struggle with my MLM invite was that I had a hard time getting someone to answer my phone call on the follow-up.  The language used during the conversation can change your results drastically if done correctly.

8 Step MLM Invite Strategy

Step 1 – Be in hurry – When you make a phone call if you tell the person that you don’t have much time, you will end up having less questions when bringing up the opportunity and it will also be easier to get off the phone.

Step 2 – Compliment the prospect – This is the step that will build you instant rapport; however, it must be sincere.  This is what will allow you to open the door to communicate about anything that you have on your mind, including your business.

Step 3 – Make the invitation – There’s three different ways you invite someone to look at your MLM:  the direct approach, indirect approach, & super-indirect approach.  The direct approach is when you’re talking to someone that looks up to you.  This will only be about 10% of the time.  Direct means just that…you directly approach them about your opportunity.  The indirect approach is going to be more common and you never ask your prospect directly if they want to take a look at your business.  You will rather put them on notice letting them know what you’re doing.  If they say “ok”, that means change the subject.  If they say something like “what is it.” then we can proceed to step 4.

Step 4 – If I would, would you. – Here is where you will invite them to look at a tool that you have.  You will never go and explain the business or product, that’s why there are 3rd party tools that your company provides.  Use them.  So now, ask your prospect “If I would give you a magazine, would you read it?”  Chances are their answer is yes.  But don’t give it to them yet.

Step 5 – Get the time commitment (Confirmation #1) – Your prospect has now said, yes they’ll read it.  Now ask for the time commitment.  “When do you think you could read it for sure?”   At this point they have now told you yes twice and it makes more real for them because they told you when you would watch it.

Step 6 – Confirm the time commitment (Confirmation #2) – Now you’re confirming that what they really just said is true.  Say they said they would read it by Sunday night, you can follow up with:  “So if I called you on Monday morning  you’ll have seen it for sure, right?”  Either they will agree or they’ll adjust their time.  Now they have said yes to you 3 times and they’re the ones making the appointment from their answers.

Step 7 – Schedule the next exposure  – You know for sure when they’ve been able to review the tool that you’re giving them, so let’s schedule an appointment.  Just ask, “what’s the best number & time for me to call?”  Your response rate on followup calls should now go from 5% to 80%.

Step 8 – Get off the phone! - Seriously, you’ve made your invite, given your tools, and scheduled the followup.  There’s nothing else to talk about at this point and you can end up talking yourself out of your appointment.  Remember step 1?  You’re in a hurry.  Just say, “Great, we’ll talk then.  I gotta run.”

Friends, this is so so simple there’s no reason you shouldn’t see an increase in your business if you follow this approach in all of your contacts.  During the event Eric included some awesome scripts that could be used during this MLM invite process.  If you haven’t connected with him yet, head on over to Network Marketing Pro and join his community.  There’s some awesome training and you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Ryan Arakaki Says:

    That’s a great post Randy! I wish I was at the event or watched the live stream too. I’m gonna try and make it to next year’s for sure too.

  2. Collin Bliss Says:

    Good read

  3. Randy Says:

    Thanks Ryan! It was a great event to watch over the computer, but we definitely gotta be there in person next year!

  4. Mickey Mignot Says:

    GREAT ideas to keep in mind…….thank you for sharing, Randy!

  5. Akos Fintor Says:

    Cool post, Randy!You share some serious value again. Thanks a bunch! – Akos

  6. Saqib Khan Says:

    Wow what a simple but real informative post Randy. A lot of people do not know how to do this and you just laid it on a silver platter! Thanks for sharing. Could you also tell me which plugin you are using for FB comments buddy?

  7. Randy Disert Says:

    Thanks Saqib! The plugin is called "SEO Facebook Comments"

  8. Randy Disert Says:

    Thanks Mickey! Let's try to meet-up in January. I'll shoot you a text or email when I'm headed over to Starbucks.

  9. Randy Says:

    Appreciate the love Akos! Always trying to provide as much value as possible :)

  10. Michelle Mills Cunningham Says:

    Thanks for the great strategies!

  11. Randy Disert Says:

    Happy to help Michelle :)

  12. Randy Disert Says:

    Hey Michelle…I was just looking at your profile and saw that you went to Warsaw High School. Such a small world, I went to Grace College in Winona Lake!

  13. LD Klippert Says:

    Awesome post as always Randy. I always get great value from you when I come to your blog. Make it a spectacular day… Thanks LD

  14. Barbara Coleman Says:

    Thanks Randy… These steps I think that I can follow to a T… It is great to see this information. I have lots of goals for 2013 and look forward to taking these 8 steps and making this next year the best year my family has ever had. Thanks again!

  15. Saqib Khan Says:

    Thanks man much appreciated

  16. Elliot Sande Says:

    Great breakdown for the simplifying of how to clear this hurdle in building a successful business. Thank you for this input.

  17. Randy Disert Says:

    My pleasure, Elliot!

  18. Randy Disert Says:

    Awesome Barbara! Let's make 2013 your year!

  19. Randy Says:

    Glad to help, buddy! :)

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