Xyngular Review, A Critical Third Party Review

January 13, 2010

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Xyngular is a MLM (multi-level marketing) company that recently launched in December of 2009.  Xyngular was founded by Mark Walker who previously was the VP of Operations for a very successful MLM company called Xango.  Xyngular is based in American Fork, Utah and is shipping product all over the United States as well as several other countries as well.  Their goal by the end of 2010 is to be operating in more than 36 countries.

The Products

Xyngular currently has one product, a fruit juice that they are selling.  The Xyngular super fruit global blend is designed to provide you with many beneficial nutrients and ingredients to help your body.  This juice is made to be a health drink for you.  Most people do not get the vitamins and nutrients that they need from the foods they eat on a daily basis.  What has happened here is that the developers of this juice have manufactured it in a way that you can begin receiving the proper nutrients to help boost your body to the next level.

The Opportunity

The opportunity to become a distributor of Xyngular allows you to directly sell the fruit juice as well as recruit other people to do the same.  You will get paid on any product personally sell as well as product that is sold by those you recruit into the business and the teams you build.  You can also get paid by through a variety of bonuses available, through their rapid rewards program, and also depending on your ranking you can profit on the sales made by the entire company.

Our Analysis

Xyngular has a strong leadership force in hand with leaders that have had many successful years in the MLM industry.  This combined with a large vision can help propel Xyngular to success.  You do; however, need to take caution before joining Xyngular because they are a new company.  Most new companies do not last long and you should be made aware of that beforehand.  That is not to stay that Xyngular will fail, it is just so that you are forwarned and can make a wise decision.  You should know that there are many companies in the MLM industry that sell juice products.  Although it is not a new idea, it has successfully been done before.

Everyone has a different reason to get involved, but the ultimate goal is to make money.  The big dollars come when you are able to recruit a lot of distributors who can duplicate those efforts.  There are many different strategies for recruiting people into Xyngular.  Whatever strategy you choose, you must learn how to effortlessly sponsor new distributors on a daily basis.  Be sure to sign up for my marketing newsletter where I will show the secrets of the top producers in this industry and how they build their business.


2 Responses to “Xyngular Review, A Critical Third Party Review”

  1. Kalena Says:

    Randy thank you for writing this review. I am a Xyngular distributor and have been since September. My husband and I really enjoy being distributors with this company and have been doing well. I don’t know when you last checked on the progress of Xyngular but they have done a lot since you wrote this article. They have been attracting a lot of industry leaders because they have expanded their product line and improved their compensation plan. If you decide to write an update on Xyngular, which I think would be a great idea please keep me posted. Thanks again.

  2. Frank Eves MD Says:

    Update: Xyngular is now fourteen months old. Glen Oliver joined the executive team as our COO (Chief Operating Officer). Glen has over 19 years executive experience with some of the network marketing profession’s leading companies. International expansion has been impressive. In addition to Super Fruit Global Blend, Xyngular’s products now include XYNG, the CORE4 Weight Loss System and Xyngular Crystals, aka XypStix. Last month, 201102, Xyngular sales, new enrollees, and overall growth reached an all-time high.

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